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Benefits of modular exhibition stands for trade show

The advantages of modular exhibition stands are apparent:

  • The basis of the modular display is a lightweight aluminum frame. The weight of modular stands is at least 30% less than standard individual stands;
  • Modular designs can be easily reconfigured to any size and height for each particular exhibition;
  • A prefabricated stand is used a large number of times, so you can calculate the ROI from your investment in a modular frame;
  • You do not need professional assemblers, designers, or engineers to assemble such a modular system;
  • It takes less time to assemble the system, which means savings on travel expenses for your staff;
  • You save on the services of an exhibition booth designer because the sets of modular structures, depending on the number of panels, already offer you the maximum possible number of design options. You need to choose the one that you like and fits the rented space at the exhibition;
  • You do not need a large number of team members in preparation for the exhibition; your design is always with you, and there is no need for designers, project managers, or a large number of contractors;
  • An elementary change of banner changes the look of your modular booth. It’s fast, and our team does it in a matter of days.

We could go on and on listing the benefits of modular exhibition stands because we love our product, but it’s not clear-cut.

Pros and cons of modular exhibition stands

Modular stands are not always a firework of emotions and a solution to all your problems. So let’s be honest with you, modular stand designs have disadvantages. But they are not flaws in the literal sense of the word.

You can’t consider modular designs a one-time investment to solve all the problems your marketing department has set for offsite events. For example, suppose your company’s marketing department is planning to build a two-story structure at an upcoming trade show. The main task is to stand out from the competition in a rented fairground area. In this case, you will not be able to use a modular structure. For some, this may mean a lack of modular systems. However, this is not the case.

pros and cons exhibition modular stands

Maintenance of your modular exhibition stand

Or, suppose your modular system participated in one of the trade shows; after the structure was assembled, it was shipped by the moving company to your main warehouse for storage until the next trade show. The moving company damaged the system by hitting it against a complex complement. However, there was no damage to the packaging. Suppose your warehouse does not open the package after receiving it but simply leaves it in storage until the subsequent use. In that case, you will not know about this damage until the modular construction is assembled at the next inset.

Thus, reusable modular systems require inspection and maintenance like any other equipment. And this task falls on the shoulders of your staff and requires a responsible person.

Additional costs for assembly and disassembly of the modular exhibition booth

In addition, if you have purchased a modular exhibition system consisting of many panels to build up quite a large area on the exhibition grounds, you may need help to assemble and dismantle the stand.

You are guaranteed to cope with small designs on your own, as they are no heavier to assemble than a Lego constructor by a child. But in the case of large and complex structures, you may need help from outside. This is because the exhibition organizer dedicates a certain number of days to building up the show. So, your workers will have to lay out the system by elements during this time (we remember that it is pretty large and complex), determine the algorithm of the assembly, and start the process. In addition, various interactive systems of interaction with visitors, TV/AV equipment, and large banners require careful gluing.

Even three office workers would be difficult to handle it all. Additionally, sending another employee will cost you a lot and does not guarantee timely assembly and disassembly. In this case, the right solution is to involve experienced professionals. For example, if you bought a modular exhibition system in our company, we could provide services for assembling and installing our systems.

Assessment of your forces for timely assembly is necessary if you plan to build a large structure with the help of the modular exhibition system.

expo modular systems

Storage and logistics costs for the modular booth

Since you purchased the equipment, you will have to store it somewhere. This sounds like weakness in buying a modular booth. But it isn’t. If you purchased a system with up to 24 frames, you should know that the area that the structure will take up in its disassembled state and its original cases will not take more than 3-4 sqm. This size of rented or allocated space in your warehouse will not affect your annual rental budget.

If you translate this amount into numbers and calculate how much you have saved by not ordering the construction of an exhibition booth this year but simply using the modular system, you will weep with happiness. It is a guaranteed, justified saving strategy unless you plan to close your business immediately after the exhibition.

And the logistics costs would fall on your shoulders even if you ordered the construction of a custom trade show booth. You might not have paid attention to them, seeing the total amount from the construction company for your booth.

Modular exhibition booths VS Custom trade show booths

modular booths benefits

You can’t answer unequivocally. That would not be fair to you. Each case requires a separate, individual solution.

Custom stands will suit large companies with big budgets or companies for which the emphasis on marketing is the basis for the business’s existence. Well, or if you are planning to build a multistorey structure. In that case, you’re guaranteed to need to consider a custom trade show booth. But before you do that, contact us and describe your idea; we know for sure what would be the best solution for you in this case.

We have been making and selling modular exhibition stands for over twenty years. In addition, we build custom exhibition stands, so the best idea is to ask us a question, and our engineers can calculate the best solution.

Our staff quickly looks for a solution to your problem and gets involved from the beginning to the end of the project. More than 90% of our customers come back to us. We can also help you rent exhibition furniture, equipment, and decor. The company has our own printing house. We can make banners of any complexity so that the bright picture will attract more visitors to your stand.

And we have one more solution if your budget is limited – the rental of a modular exhibition stand. So ask us a question, and we are guaranteed to find a solution!

trade show ideas

The best ideas for the design of trade show booths and exhibition displays

Would you deny that the design of exhibition stands in today’s world can be boldly called a different type of modern artistic creation. A perfect exhibit image will only appear when every shade, halftone, color accent, or form element takes place in a complex puzzle. That said, each detail is not a trifle but an integral part of the design, the absence of which will stop the entire mechanism.

The specificity of the exhibition booth design is that it is not about functionality, but it also solves concrete tasks. A professional stand designer combines artists, engineers, marketing specialists, and psychologists. But, for sure, a team of well-coordinated professionals will find the best exhibit solution. The quality of work and professionalism of the engineers and designers determines whether the stand will fulfill the task assigned to it by the company.

Booth design does not exist in isolation; it should harmonize with the business concept of the trade show and conspicuously stand out against the background of neighboring displays.

To do this, you should also use the possibilities, the so-called functional design, i.e., replacement of design elements after installation of the exhibit. Such a transformation will allow you to adapt the counter to the conditions of the exhibition premises. A good designer can represent the trade booth in a new way by adding or changing a few minor details, making it a little different. Thus, there is a feeling that all the elements remain in their places, but the display looks dissimilar.

The props accompanying the exhibition display play an essential role in this. And, of course, such braces also require design: advertising, trade materials, brand souvenir products, presentations, employee uniforms, and other similar tools.

What design ideas make the trade show booth attract more exhibition traffic

Here are some ideas on how to make your trade show more efficient.

Some of them are conventional ideas but implemented by an expert designer in a way that exceeds expectations; some are fresh – don’t cease to fascinate and appeal.

If you manage to implement just a few of the following, you might get more out of your next booth at the show.

demonstration product design at trade show

Do something completely different using what already works

There are so many talks about trends in trade show exhibits. Sometimes it can seem like too many – gadgets, apps, and social media devices, too many technologies to integrate into your existing trade exhibition plan. The thing is to create your trade show booth design by carefully choosing your exhibit elements. It’s about combining old and new ideas. It’s about trying something original and using proven ways to attract more potential customers.

Keep visitors interested

The point is to create a unique display design that stands out from the background of other exhibition booths. Let your stand be the one that will be discussed both at the show trade and after it has been held. It creates new business opportunities: generation of more quality leads to your company and new opportunities for exciting collaborations with other members and new business alliances. Each participant can be a potential client for your business.

Use good “same old” ideas

  1. Create your ideal meeting area. Find a solution – what can make this area suitable and unique simultaneously for the presentation of your products and services? This place could be near your banner counter or any other strategic location where you can easily invite visitors to tell them more about your offering.
  2. Create a relaxing atmosphere for your visitors. Visiting trade shows is always exciting but also, in most cases, exhausting. Don’t think that visitors who come to an exhibition think only about business purposes. They need comfort, and your stand at the trade show can be that “island” of comfort. Think about what you can offer visitors and your neighboring members who exhibit as you so they can come and relax. A combination of marketing and sales purposes can be ideal – if you can implement your brand’s products into the lounge area.
  3. Offer your visitors something exciting—schedule events at your exhibition counter by the hour to attract more visitors. Announce the schedule in advance. Of course, such planned events should correspond to the exhibition’s goals.
  4. Train your exhibiting staff in advance. They are the face of your brand at the trade show, and the success of your exhibition largely depends on them. Each employee must clearly understand their tasks and responsibilities, be adequately motivated, and be the persons are interested in talking to. People who appear interested in connecting with others will attract more potential customers. And, for sure, the staff must know all the “secrets” of communicating with visitors and potential customers.
  5. Involve the visitors in the learning process. Many visitors come to exhibitions to avoid missing the latest in their industry or market. They are ready to learn something new and innovative about discoveries and developments in their specific areas of interest. It makes sense to take advantage of this and offer them an educational experience while visiting your booth. The primary condition for this is the fascination with the learning process  

Use trending exhibition booth ideas:

  • Let your booth be an eye-catcher. Think “global.” Oversized objects have long been a source of fascination for people. Find ways to get more significant with your booth at a trade show: giant photos, enormous branded merchandise, substantial TV screens? When your stand is a massive object, it will attract a lot of attention and beg visitors to climb inside and explore.
  • You can also use bright colors and lighting to add eye-catching elements to your booth design. However, avoid choosing colors that blend to be safe. Having invested a lot of money to exhibit at a trade show, your goal is to attract new leads and clients, so why blend in with everyone else?
  • Look up, looking for opportunities to expand your booth space. They’re right above our heads! Most of us tend to think of things right in front of us. But one of the best ways to make your stand instantly bigger is to draw attention upward with vertical elements. Overhead displays or vertical hangings are visible from afar and attract pedestrians’ attention on the show floor.
  • Another point is to draw attention to the ceiling with fabrics. Intricate patterns on fabric ceilings and lighting effects create an impossible atmosphere to ignore. Material illuminates with a softer, more atmospheric light than plastic. Show trade booths based on fabric structures allow for unusual designs. Such stuff is also something you can repeatedly use, which will increase the ROI of your booth.
    Rise above your competitors, literally!
  • Use digital screens – signage. Anything with a screen can be converted into a promotional sign for your trade show. Because it is a digital design, it is versatile and a worthwhile investment. In addition, you can customize your message to visitors to fit the different trade shows you attend. Rent LED screens!
auto branding as design idea trade fair

Other tips that we're sure you already know but still think it's worth reminding you

  • Never put off anything to be done for an exhibition event until the very last moment. Some of the above ideas will require you to prepare more time and care.
  • Start by taking to social media before the event to build excitement and hype. Show your potential visitors what amazing things your company makes for your booth and what they can expect if they visit your exhibit.
    Keep using social media – let the attendees take pictures and post and share them online by setting up a photo booth or social media wall during the event.
  • Buy a modular booth once and use it many times and in many ways. This purpose includes blocks that can be assembled in various ways (think Lego constructor). Each element of this booth is made from modules, including a welcome podium, a digital screen holder, holders for the audio systems, a signage display entrance, and various walls and dividers. It’s both a flexible design and the ability to add modular stands later, depending on needs. You can also take the opportunity to rent such a booth.
  • Adding unusual elements from various ideas, including those described above, will undoubtedly draw extra attention.
  • Don’t forget to create a welcoming and inviting space if you have a large booth to work in; set up some chairs or other exhibition furniture (rental furniture) to make this area more comfortable. Let your visitors feel your care and gesture. You will feel their gratitude in return.
  • Offer snacks and water to visitors-it always works great. After spending the whole or even half a day at a trade show, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to grab a snack or refresh themselves with some cool water.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient amount of brand merchandise available. Prizes and giveaways are also great for attracting more visitors to your booth. It’s a proven way to draw potential customers and increase your brand awareness.
  • Prepare a registration sheet to collect and systematize leads, which will undoubtedly result from your participation in the trade show. It requires the basic details of the participants, such as their full names, contact number, and email address. Thus you will be able to contact them in a more personalized way that they will appreciate more than a regular email.
  • Adapt to the digital revolution if you want to show your reliability and flexibility to your customers at the same time. Use laptops and tablets for more than just demos; learn how to use your devices by preparing special programs or audio-visual presentations, or even turn the registration sheet into online form visitors can quickly obtain and fill out on the spot.
  • Always keep your website up to date. The client should be able to get acquainted with your products and brand in general with a few passes and clicks.
  • Offer attendees a deal designed exclusively for them at the trade show. It’s a win-win way to close an agreement on the same day. Special offers generate excitement that attracts more people ready to accept your offer. They have a great incentive to make the purchase or deal for which they are attending the show. Of course, such a special offer must be designed and presented by the overall image of your brand.
  • Lastly, invite people to a fun party after the trade show event. While talking to attendees at the trade show, ask them about the party you plan to throw that night. This is another win-win way for your brand to connect with potential customers and, at the same time, recover from a busy day at the exhibition.
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Why Exhibit at a Trade Show?

Exhibiting at the Trade Show has significant positive benefits for the company. Firstly, the exhibitions allow your company to demonstrate your products in person to your target market worldwide, increasing the company’s trade. This, for sure, will bring high-quality leads and new potential customers and clients.

Participation in the trade show will also allow you to evaluate your competitors globally, their accents, ideas of the trade booths, displays, ways of communication, and interaction with the clients. So there for sure will be something to learn from them. 

Finally, attending a trade show helps you and your team identify the largest and most important players in your market field or industry and communicate with them. New suppliers and distributors, new trade markets, and even new employees are looking to join your company team to make it better and more efficient.