Modular inline displays

Modular Inline Displays

inline exhibition display

Modular inline displays are systems that allow the integration of various promotional elements, product racks, and additional modular LED screens to demonstrate commercials.

Such systems, as modular inline displays, usually represent an open showroom without additional walls and separate auxiliary rooms.

At the core of the design are aluminum display cases and modules for the exhibition graphics. Then, depending on the size of the modular stand, exhibition counters, furniture for the meeting area, and other decorative elements are added.

Where to use the modular inline displays

The scope of application of modular inline displays can be different. Most often, modular display panels are used for various promotional activities that companies arrange to introduce potential customers to the company’s products.

Using modular inline displays at trade shows

Modular stands from our manufacturers solve the problem of building exhibition stands in a short time for international and local exhibits. Our conception de stands provides easy installation and dismantling so that you can do it without the costly services of exhibition stand specialists. These constructions are suitable for any show and almost any space. Find out if our modular wall kit is ideal for you.

modular stand order
ing modular stand order

Use modular inline displays in merchandising

The layout of goods on store shelves or any other retail space will be much more attractive and functional if you offer your visitors stylish and bright modular desk shelves or promotional inline displays.
Lightweight structures allow you to organize advertising space in minutes. Even a fragile girl can assemble a modular display on her own.

Build inline displays to present your products in any space

Show your modular displays to your clients at any event where you need to show products or address the audience. With our modular display systems, you can build demonstration points for marketing needs and temporary stages for conferences. Tell us what task you want to solve, and our managers will offer you the best option.

example modular stand order

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    FAQ: modular inline displays

    Each option has its advantages. If you are planning one-time participation in an event and have a small budget, you may want to consider renting an exhibition booth.

    Suppose the marketing development plan assumes long-term participation of your company at exhibitions or other events, and the mobility and speed of their organization are important to you. In that case, we recommend you make a one-time investment in purchasing a modular system.

    It would be best if you considered renting a booth and focusing your budget on ordering graphics and decorating the booth to make it unique and attractive to potential customers. Renting a booth, in this case, is the best solution for you. But consider purchasing a modular system if you plan to hold road shows more than four times a year.

    You could rent additional elements if you have bought one of our modular systems. Check with our support team to determine which other options suit your modular set.

    When you return a rented booth, you can give us the used graphics, and we will safely dispose of them. You will get a 20% discount on future graphics orders from us.

    Please leave a request for the desired number of modular stands, and our manager will find you the best option for the price.

    The cost of renting a booth includes the aluminum frame, panels, and all the elements and equipment you will need for the event.

    When you buy a modular set, you get a set of aluminum frames, prefabricated panels, and fasteners. You can also purchase additional equipment to personalize your booth.

    Each set of modular systems includes instructions for assembling and disassembling elements. Our aluminum frame systems are as easy to assemble as a child’s tower of cubes!

    You are adequately responsible for the rental stand. This means that we do not consider minor scuffs or scratches property damage. We understand that in the version of use, the structure’s condition loses its original appearance. But, according to our contract, you will be responsible for damage to the structure or loss of parts.

    First, our modular system is unique in that you can assemble up to 120 unique designs from one set of modular panels. This will already make you stand out among your competitors.
    Secondly, you will use your unique graphics, which we will create in a short time. Our designers know how to play around with any composition and personalize the design.
    In addition, adding multimedia and other accessories to the booth will increase its attractiveness and make it stand out among the crowd of participants.

    We give ten years warranty on aluminum frames and 12 months warranty on panels and connectors.

    If you order a standard set of designs, we will ship your order as soon as possible. If you ordered a custom design for your modular system, it would take up to one month to fulfill your order.

    Standard sets of modular systems come in several sizes. The smallest group, consisting of 12 panels for building up to 15 square meters, fits on two pallets and does not exceed 100 kilograms in weight.

    Our engineers have thought through all the possible uses of the booth and described how to use it in one case or another. You will be able to find information on how to add additional elements and add electricity and multimedia to the booth yourself. You can contact our support team for help if you have any questions.

    We cooperate with specialized companies to organize events and exhibitions to offer you the best conditions for purchasing and renting exhibition furniture or additional services. Leave a request to our manager, and he will be able to solve this problem.

    The system is made of aluminum profiles and
    (depending on the configuration) magnetic or sticky tapes are used to support the filler.

    • The frames should not be stored or used at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius (the magnetic properties of the tapes are lost);
    • Frames should be protected from moisture;
    • Protect the construction from mechanical damage (do not drop, do not put without a frame);
    • Protect the frames from mechanical damage (do not drop, do not stand unsupported, do not hit the frames against the ground, etc., as the system may lose its integrity during subsequent reassembly);
    • Graphic panels should be packaged printed side to side and magnetic side to magnetic side;
    • Modular systems and accessories should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, free from accidental mechanical damage, in the packaging provided by the manufacturer;
    • Clean your units with a cloth and mild cleaning agents for smooth surfaces. Do not use brushes or harsh, alcohol-based detergents.

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