Custom exhibition stands

Custom Exhibition Stands

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Building custom trade show booths designed with our clients is the most exciting part of working on a project. When the carefully thought-out elements depicted in the drawings begin to take on actual physical forms, it becomes like a fairy tale. We create a new reality that previously existed only in our heads. This is art, the art of creating unique designs!

From the first sketch to the construction of an exhibition stand takes at least two months, and sometimes up to a year, depending on the scale of the project. During this time, we create a design project together with the client. It is developed taking into account the goals and wishes of the customer. Each company makes its plans and expectations for the upcoming event. Many responsible persons, and often departments, coordinate the project details so that during the event, visitors are satisfied and receive precisely the message that the Exhibitor company wanted to convey.

This is what we achieve when we work on the details of a project. Every little detail can significantly present your company to your clients at a trade show or conference. Details create the overall impression of the design and atmosphere in the booth. It’s important to us that this impression is always positive.

Once the design project is ready and agreed upon with the customer, we proceed to purchase materials and construction. While a team of engineers and narrow-profile specialists work on the frame of the exhibition stand, project managers do invisible but vital organizational work on the project. Managers solve all the administrative issues between contractors, exhibition organizers, fairground workers, fire departments, social services, logistics companies, and many other participants. Because the construction of an exhibition stand and participation in an exhibition is a complex process to which the theory and practice of project management apply.

When a week is left before the booth construction on the exhibition grounds, the production workers assemble all the manufactured elements of the booth into a single structure. This is a quality and design compliance check to avoid surprises on the fairgrounds.

We then meet with the customer at the fairgrounds to begin the final construction work on the booth. As the exhibition structure is ready, the project manager manages the additional elements ordered for the stand: furniture, equipment, LED screens, souvenirs, catering, and so on. As questions arise, the project manager resolves them on-site. If the client during the stand construction period has additional ideas that we can implement, we solve such problems.
The final touch and we turn over a finished stand that looks exactly like the one we designed, with all the equipment connected, all the goods arranged, and the bar ready to welcome guests.

Where Custom Stands, and Designs Are Used

The best place to show an exhibition custom stand is at an international trade show. At such international events, companies try to attract the attention of visitors and potential partners, and buyers to their booths. The unique design and size of the exhibition stand can only achieve this.

The best trade show displays usually receive awards from the show organizers. This also serves as an additional reason to draw the media’s and visitors’ attention.

Custom stands and designs used for:

  • Demonstrations of the company and its products at the trade exhibition;
  • Organization of conferences;
  • Organization of shop windows in shops and offices;
  • Creation of unique exhibition booths;
    different promotions where unique marketing solutions are required.
Construcción de cabinas y podios para conferencias

Advantages of Working With Our Company

El equipo de ESBAU construye un stand en una feria comercial



Exhibition Stand Ideas

Price of custom booth displays

It is impossible to name the price of a custom stand until the engineer has seen its design, knows the size of the booth, and learns information about the materials from which the customer wants to build their structure.

For example, the customer may want to make a green branded wall with a company logo from artificial lichen or living greenery simply by printing a banner with a picture of vegetation. These are all different options and materials used, although the result is achieving the goal the designer depicts in the booth layout. Likewise, a wall is trimmed with green elements. But the price of the material when making different decisions, as you understand, will be different.

To make a price, at least the items listed below must be clearly agreed with the client.

The size of the rented space in the exhibition complex. Without the size of the floor on which the exhibition stand will be built, it is impossible to name even an approximate cost for constructing simple and uncomplicated walls.
Availability of a floor plan of the exhibition area layout. Such information is necessary for the competent arrangement of the sides of the stand and to clarify such details as the presence of load-bearing columns, ceiling height, the possibility of securing suspended structures, the state of the floor, and so on. All these nuances subsequently influence the price of the exhibition stand.

Design project for an exhibition stand or event. Sometimes customers already have a finished design for their stand. This reduces the time it takes to calculate the cost of an exhibition stand, but can cause some problems. The fact is that customers often entrust the development of an exhibition stand design to ordinary, non-profile designers. They do not consider many details when developing the layout, including not paying attention to the planning scheme of the exhibition complex. This can lead to the fact that later, when the contract is signed, the price has to be changed, just like the design project itself, because our designers have to rework the entire project, considering the actual conditions at the exhibition site. For this reason, we always recommend entrusting the development of exhibition stand design or conference design to specialized agencies or directly to builders.

The name of the exhibition, the country and city in which they are held, the dates of the exhibition, and the dates of the beginning and end of the construction of the exhibition stand directly on the site. This information is needed to calculate the logistics required to transport the construction instantly from the factory to the exhibition. Depending on the scale of the project, the manager must calculate the adequacy of the time that the organizer allocates to the construction if the number of building days is insufficient for a large project at a preliminary optimal.

In general, to calculate the price of an exhibition stand or other project, we have several times to find out from the customer details to guess his expectations of certain materials. It’s like a game of guessing words. It takes a lot of time and resources.

It is much better when the customer has a specific budget for building an exhibition stand. In this case, with a design in place, it is much easier to select the materials and decor that may be present at the booth. We will not offer expensive materials if the client has a limited budget. This approach to calculating the cost of the stand saves resources and time for both our employees and the client’s staff. That is why we always ask about the budget allocated for the project.

As you can see, it is impossible to name any average price per square meter. If we do, it will be too averaged a figure based purely on our experience with stands roughly the same size as yours. But we should not forget that too many factors in the organization of an event affect its price. For example, depending on the client’s requirements, a ten-square-meter stand can cost as much as 8,000 euros or 30,000 euros.

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Calculate the project cost

Please tell us your project requirements, and we will reply in the next 30 minutes. Please specify the event date, its name, country, city, and the size of the area to be built up.

We produce:

Custom exhibition stands
Modular trade show booth
3D sculptures for promotions

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    FAQ About Custom Booths

    A custom exhibition stand is created according to an individual design and is non-transferable unless otherwise agreed upon with the customer. Therefore, such a stand cannot be rented or leased.

    On average, the price of an individual exhibition stand starts from 700 euros per square meter. You can roughly estimate whether your budget is sufficient to build this stand. The smaller the size of the stand, the higher the price per square meter of space. In addition, the stand design itself influences the cost. To be sure, send us a request for a preliminary estimate.

    We provide ready-made solutions for participants in exhibitions and conferences. You will be assigned a responsible project manager to manage and solve all your problems and questions. We help to solve questions related to the organizers of the exhibition, representatives of the exhibition complex, and fire and design services. We also organize additional services at the stand, such as catering, entertainment, advertising and souvenir products, and rental of necessary equipment.

    You buy the construction of a temporary structure for the exhibition period, unless we have individually agreed on other terms. In this case, we guarantee the safe construction of the exhibition area according to the requirements and regulations required by the exhibition organizer and the exhibition complex’s representatives. We guarantee that the construction will serve the purposes for which it was built until it’s dismantling by our employees in the stipulated terms. Sometimes our clients ask for responsible storage or restoration of some elements from the stand for the subsequent participation in the exhibition. In such cases, we conclude an additional contract for such an additional service.

    It is impossible to say unequivocally about deadlines if the primary conditions for determining them are unmet. The best option is to submit your project for approval and estimate at least three months before the exhibition or event. If it’s a big project, the timeline should be much longer. A good rule of thumb is to prepare for an event six months in advance. In this case, you can coordinate and solve all the problems that are bound to arise in any project. Often, clients apply when deadlines are already tight. The shortest time we have managed to complete a task is three weeks. The client understood the deadline was extremely short, so they quickly and promptly agreed on all the project details. We worked as a cohesive team to complete the order, and the client could perform at the event on time.

    Options for Designs That Can Be Assembled in a Short Time