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Exhibition Stand Builder in London: Modular & Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stand constructor in London

At our core, we are specialists in the creation and assembly of bespoke exhibition stands in London. Our dedicated team of professionals is unwavering in its commitment to efficiently and skillfully meet all the requirements that accompany your decision to participate in a trade show or conference.

Whether you’re new to the world of UK exhibitions and conferences or a seasoned exhibitor, we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive solution. If you have an existing design created by your own designers, we’ll be happy to provide you with an accurate project quote. On the other hand, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind booth design tailored to your specific business goals for the event, our in-house designers are at your service. For added convenience, we also offer pre-designed modular solutions.

Our commitment extends beyond booth construction; we offer complete turnkey exhibit solutions. This means that we will assist you in liaising with event organizers on your behalf, and in some cases, we can manage this coordination entirely for you. We also streamline the process by providing additional services, such as sourcing promotional items and handling the logistics of the products you plan to display at your booth.

Choose us to ensure that your participation in trade shows and conferences in London is a seamless and triumphant experience.

As we prepare for your show in London, our primary responsibility is to act as a bridge between you and the event organizers, streamlining the entire process to ensure a seamless experience. We understand that maneuvering through the complexities of event coordination can sometimes be challenging for our clients. That is why our dedicated account manager steps in to provide expert guidance in orchestrating the show and meticulously handling the logistics of transporting your products to the booth.

Rest assured that with our unwavering support, you can focus on your core objectives and leave the intricate details in our capable hands. Our ultimate goal is to make your trade show experience a smooth and triumphant one.

Even if this is your first time exhibiting at a trade show or conference in London, our team is well-prepared to provide you with the guidance and support necessary to instill confidence in your preparations for the event.

Your Exhibition Stand Builder Across Different Events in London

Offerings for Your Upcoming London Expos

cartera de stands de exposición para Madrid

Exhibition Stand Design

We create exhibition stand designs based on your business goals for the upcoming event

exhibition graphics

Exhibition Graphics

Realistic graphics on all types of substrates and in all sizes

Souvenir Production

Souvenir Production

Produce souvenir products for your upcoming event for client gifts



Catering services, ordering coffee machines and water for an unforgettable event

stand building and furniture cteating

Furniture Storage

We provide storage services for exhibition furniture and exhibition stand elements for our customers

booth installation

Leading Exhibition Stand Building

Timely and accurate installation and dismantling of exhibition structures

exhibition project management

Project Management

Support by a project manager at all stages of your project for your easy participation in the event

exhibition equipment rental

Equipment Rental

We rent the necessary equipment for the event, including LED screens of any size

Custom Exhibition Stand in London


In London, our approach to your exhibition or conference participation is entirely tailored to your unique requirements. We create stand designs that are precisely tailored to your individual needs, prioritizing both innovation and practicality in our creations.

Throughout the design process, we keep your budget in mind. If you have a predetermined booth construction budget, please let us know. Your budget serves as a valuable guideline, allowing us to make recommendations that effectively align with your financial parameters.

For example, choices such as laminate flooring versus carpet, or painted walls versus banner walls can significantly impact the overall cost of your exhibit. By gaining insight into these specific preferences, our designers can provide customized solutions that meet both your desires and budget constraints. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with booth designs that not only meet your needs, but also seamlessly integrate with your financial goals.

Exhibition Booth Purchase with ESBAU modular Builders in London

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What Can Exhibition Stand Builder in London Do for Your Trade Show Participation?

In London, we specialize in creating exhibit structures that are adaptable to a wide variety of events, ensuring that your presence not only stands out, but also perfectly aligns with your objectives. Here’s a breakdown of how we apply our expertise to different types of events:

  • Exhibitions and conferences: We design stands that exude professionalism and innovation for industry-focused events such as trade shows and conferences in London. We aim to tailor the stand to your brand identity, attract the right audience, and communicate your message effectively.
  • Product Launches: If you are launching a new product, we can create a stand that captures attention and effectively showcases your product’s features. Our designs are strategically crafted to create buzz and excitement around your product launch.
  • Corporate Events: Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or participating in a trade fair, we can create stands in London that reinforce your corporate identity. Our designs can incorporate branding, interactive elements, and dedicated meeting areas to facilitate networking opportunities.
  • Consumer shows: These events require stands that engage and educate the public. We specialize in creating interactive and visually compelling displays that draw attendees in and provide a memorable and informative experience.
  • Custom Experiences: Regardless of the type of event, we can create bespoke stands in London that meet your specific objectives. Whether it’s an intimate setting or a massive show, we have the expertise to bring your unique vision to life.
  • Sustainability: We recognize the growing importance of sustainability at events and offer eco-friendly booth building options. Our designs reduce environmental impact and communicate your commitment to responsible business practices.
  • Technology Integration: In today’s digital age, seamlessly integrating technology into your booth can be a game changer. We can integrate screens, interactive displays, and other technological elements to enhance attendee engagement at the London event.
  • Turnkey solutions: Our comprehensive turnkey solutions cover everything from booth design and construction to logistics management, allowing you to focus on achieving your event goals while we take care of the rest.
  • Project management: With experience creating booths for events worldwide, we understand the nuances and requirements of international exhibitions. Rest assured that our booths are designed for outstanding success wherever your global endeavors take you.

Our ultimate goal is to transform your exhibit space into an engaging, functional, and on-brand environment that facilitates the achievement of your goals at each event.

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