Trade Show Display Kits

Trade Show Display Kits

trade show display kits

Trade show display kits are ready-made exhibition kits with individual elements that you can quickly assemble into a complete modular expo booth.

We have created trade show kits in several standard versions. Depending on the rented exhibition space size, you can choose from several of our standard trade show display kits.

The basic idea of our modular wall display systems is that you can assemble a trade show booth of any size by simply adding the correct number of panels to the system.

With each trade show kit from our company, you can assemble an exhibition booth of more than one design. We have embodied from 24 to 120 trade show booth display ideas in each kit. So when you buy just one set of modular display systems, you get many different booths. At every exhibition for many years, you can show a new modular exhibition design of your exhibition stand and unique solutions for your business.
The trade show booth kit is easy for one or more people to transport and assemble. It is unnecessary to have experience building complex modular structures or be a professional exhibition business engineer. Clear instructions accompany each exhibition kit. If there are any questions, our managers are always in touch so that you feel comfortable managing your modular exhibition stand.

Where trade show booth kits can be used

Use our display kits for any event. Our customers mainly use trade show kits at trade fairs. Booths assembled from our systems have repeatedly won awards from trade show organizers as the best trade show displays. You can also use our trade show kits for other events or marketing activities.

Use the trade show booth kit at international shows

If your marketing department regularly organizes trade shows for your company, the best and most cost-effective option is to use our DIY trade show booth. You will find many design options for an exhibition booth, even for the most miniature exhibition kit. The high ROI and the 10-year warranty on our aluminum frame system allow us to state that it is the best investment you can make in your marketing.

modular stand order
ing modular stand order

Merchandising exhibition kits

Use our systems to organize your merchandising space. With our show kits, you can create a modern and light atmosphere. Designers of our company always take into account the specifics of the customer’s business and offer graphics for trade show kits that will encourage more customer activity. A sea of visitors always flock to our organized sales spaces. Our modular display cases are lightweight and easy to assemble. You don’t need additional staff to make the booth.

Use our display kits for quality BTL

If you plan events to promote sales or introduce potential customers to your new products, you can use our trade show kits to set up a sales or demonstration area. Our modular systems are meant to be used at any trade-related event. We created the design with your customer communication needs in mind. All elements of the trade show display kits can be easily transformed to give you a look you need at a given moment.

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Advantages of using our trade show display kits

Choose your own version of the kit

6 Frames Display Kit

expo kit mini

12 Frames Expo Kit

expo kit 12

18 Frames Expo Booth

expo kit 18

24 Frames Display

24 frame



How to assemble our modular display systems

Basic requirements for working with our modular systems

The frame of modular display kits consists of specially prepared sheets made of different materials and plastics. The modular sheets are attached to the aluminum frames using magnetic strips or Velcro.

After installing the panel, you should always check that it is appropriately and securely fastened.
The Clever Frame system should permanently be mounted on a level surface. Before installing electrical devices, ensure that all electrical wires are not damaged or pinched by the stand base.

Electrical devices should not be plugged in before the stand is assembled.

If light sources other than LED lamps are used, it is necessary to check that they are placed at the proper distance from the panels and do not cause overheating of the panels’ surface.

It is recommended to fix the modular panel shelves with protective gloves to avoid dirty stains on the panels.

In the case of stand construction, whose elements are higher than 2.5 m, we strongly recommend using retaining rings (ACSo8), which can be purchased from the online store modular display systems.

These elements are an additional protection against falling out of modular display panels in case of solid shocks or draughts. Their use prevents accidents.

The Clever Frame system, without particular elements, is intended for indoor use only. Therefore, the system must not be exposed to the external environment.

Trade show booth kits design templates

Cost of trade show kits

Small Modular Booth

Small Modular Booth

  • 6x frames
  • 18x connecting elements
  • 6x graphic panel
  • 1x top 75x50cm
  • 1x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Modular Stand 12 Frames

Modular Stand 12 Frames

  • 12x frames
  • 36x connecting elements
  • 12x graphic panel
  • 2x Upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 2x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics
Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

Exhibition Booth 18 Frames

  • 18x frames
  • 52x connecting elements
  • 18x graphic panel
  • 2x upper profile
  • 4x 3-side threaded profile
  • 3x trolley cover
  • 10 years guarantee
  • Discount on repeat purchases of graphics

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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. Choose whether you prefer to buy a modular trade show booth or rent modular stands for booths.

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    FAQ about trade show kits

    There are advantages to each option. If you are planning one-time participation in an event and have a small budget, you may want to consider renting exhibition display units.
    If your marketing plan includes long-term participation of your company at exhibitions or other events, mobility and speed are essential; we recommend you make a one-time investment in purchasing a modular system.

    You should consider the booth rental option and focus your budget on ordering graphics and display accessories to make your booth unique and attractive for potential clients. Renting a modular booth, in this case, is the best solution for you. But consider buying a trade show booth kit if you have more than four roadshows per year.

    If you have purchased one of our modular systems, you will be able to rent additional items. Check with our support team to determine which extras will fit your modular set.

    When you return a rented booth, you will be able to give us the used graphics, and we will safely dispose of them. You will get a 20% discount on future graphics orders from us.

    Leave a request for the desired number of modular booths, and our manager will find you the best option for the price.

    The cost of the modular display rental includes aluminum frame, panels and all the elements and equipment you need for the event.

    When you buy DIY trade show displays, you purchase a set of aluminum frames, prefabricated panels, and fixtures. You can also purchase additional equipment to personalize your booth.

    Each set of modular systems contains instructions for assembling and disassembling elements. Our designs are as easy to make as a child’s tower of cubes!

    You are adequately responsible for the rental stand. This means that we do not consider minor scuffs or scratches property damage. We understand that in the process of use, the condition of the structures loses its original appearance. But according to our contract, you will be ressystemfor damage to the structure or loss of parts.

    Firstly our modular system is unique in that you can assemble up to 120 different unique designs from a single set of modular panels. This will already set you apart from your competitors.

    Secondly, you will use your unique graphics, which we will create in a short time. Our designers know how to play around with any composition and personalize the design.

    In addition, adding multimedia and trade show display accessories to the booth will increase its attractiveness and make it stand out among the crowd of participants.

    We give ten years warranty on aluminum frames and 12 months warranty on panels and connectors.

    We will ship your order as soon as possible if you order a standard kit. If you ordered a custom design of your modular system, we need up to one month to fulfill your order.

    Standard sets of modular systems come in several sizes. The most miniature set, consisting of 12 panels to build up to 15 square meters, does not exceed the size of two boxes 120×100 mm.

    Our engineers have thought through all the possible uses of the booth and described how to use it in one case or another. You will be able to find information on how to add additional elements and add electricity and multimedia to the booth yourself. If you have any questions, you will be able to contact our support team for help.

    We cooperate with specialized companies for the organization of events and exhibitions so that we can offer you the best conditions for the purchase and rental of exhibition furniture or additional services. Leave a request to our manager, and he will be able to solve this problem.

    Clever Frame® frames are made of aluminum profiles and (depending on configuration) magnetic or sticky tapes used to support the filler.

    The frames should not be stored or used at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius (the magnetic properties of the tapes are lost). They must be protected from moisture and mechanical damage. Do not drop, place unsupported, bump the frames on the ground, etc., as the system may lose its integrity when later assembled.

    Graphic panels should be packaged printed side to side and magnetic side to magnetic side. Modular systems and accessories should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, free from accidental mechanical damage, in the packaging provided by the manufacturer.

    You can clean the display kits with a cloth and delicate cleaning agents for smooth surfaces. Do not use alcohol-based brushes or harsh detergents.

    Types of modular stands that we sell