Rental displays for your trade show

Rental displays for your trade show

We offer modular display rental services near you or the country you plan to exhibit.

Booth rental is a great solution when your budget is limited, or you have little time to prepare for an upcoming event. It’s much easier to rent displays and make small details in the design than to design and build a booth from scratch.

Trade show rental is the standard practice of working with an exhibition stand builder, which significantly simplifies the procedure for your participation in the exhibition.

We distribute modular exhibition stands in Europe, so we offer modular exhibition systems for lease, specially designed for multiple uses at shows.

Our modular systems are a unique joint development of designers and engineers. The peculiarity of our trade show booths is the possibility of using many ready-made design solutions for any size of exhibition space.

the wall of aluminum modular system

Types of booths for modular display rental

With us, you can order any size and shape. We will choose the most suitable exhibition booth for you based on the floor plan of the exhibition and your rented space. Depending on where your future booth will be located and how many open sides it will have, we can offer you the following ready-made modular display rental solutions:

Because our modular exhibition system is assembled from elements of different sizes, we can offer you an exhibition construction of any size for rent. You only need to add or remove a few elements to increase or decrease the booth size, and your size is easily adapted to what you need.



The cost of trade show rental displays

The modular display rental service includes the following:

  1. You are renting an aluminum frame, the base of the structure, of the size you need.
  2. A set of removable panels and connecting elements of the future modular stand, considering what areas of the frame you may need. We always discuss the functionality of the exhibition stand you need with you in advance before we offer the best option.
  3. Branded packing case and protective boxes for the structure.
  4. Team for installation and dismantling of the modular exhibition booth.
  5. Insurance of modular exhibition construction.
  6. Execution of accompanying documents, assistance in the execution of import accompanying documents, if necessary.
  7. Support and consultation of the leading project manager at all project stages.

The price of the rental is not included in the price:

  • creation and printing of exhibition graphics;
  • rental of exhibition furniture;
  • rental of LED screens and other equipment;
  • cost of logistics to the venue from our nearest warehouse and return of rented stands;
  • Storage of the exhibition stands if the customer cannot accept the exhibition stand at the exhibition in time for further installation.

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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts, and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. 

We produce:

Custom exhibition stands
Modular trade show booth
3D sculptures for promotions

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    There are advantages to each option. If you are planning one-time participation in an event and have a small budget, you may want to consider renting an exhibition booth.

    If your marketing plan includes long-term participation of your company at exhibitions or other events, mobility and speed are essential; we recommend you make a one-time investment in purchasing a modular system. It is much more profitable eventually and will positively impact your ROI for several years.

    You should consider renting a booth and focusing your budget on ordering graphics and decorations for your booth to make it unique and appealing to potential customers. Renting a booth, in this case, is the best solution for you. Consider purchasing a modular system if you plan to hold more than four outdoor events yearly.

    You can rent additional items if you purchase one of our modular systems. Check with our support team to determine which extras will fit your modular set.

    When you return a rented booth, you will be able to give us the used graphics, and we will safely dispose of them. You will get a 20% discount on future orders for graphics from us.

    Leave an application for the desired number of modular stands, and our manager will select the best option for you at a price.

    The cost of the stand rental includes an aluminum frame, panels, and all the elements and equipment you need for the event. Also, the stand rental consists of a team of specialists for installing and dismantling your modular construction.

    Each set of modular systems includes instructions for assembling and disassembling the elements. Our designs are as easy to make as a child’s tower of cubes!

    You are adequately responsible for the rental booth. This means that we do not consider minor scuffs or scratches property damage. We understand that in the process of use, the condition of the structures loses its original appearance. But according to our contract, you will be responsible for damage to the structure or loss of parts.

    Firstly, our modular system is unique in that you can assemble up to 120 different unique designs from a single set of modular panels. This will already set you apart from your competitors.

    Secondly, you will use your unique graphics, which we will create in a short time. Our designers know how to play around with any composition and personalize the design.

    In addition, adding multimedia and other accessories to your booth will add to its appeal and make it stand out from the crowd.

    Within one day, our manager will find out your needs regarding the functionality and appearance of the modular booth. You will then have the time to decide on one of the proposed options. Once you choose the design you want and sign a contract, we hand the modular system over to the logistics company, and within a few days, your stand will arrive at the address you specify.

    Standard sets of modular systems come in several sizes. The smallest group comprises 12 panels for an area of up to 15 square meters; its elements fit on two pallets and weigh no more than 120 kilograms.

    We cooperate with specialized companies to organize events and exhibitions to offer you the best conditions for purchasing and renting exhibition furniture or additional services. Leave a request to our manager, and he will be able to solve the problem.

    Frames are made of aluminum profiles and (depending on configuration) magnetic or sticky tapes used to support the filler. All design elements will be in proprietary protective packaging.

    Frames should not be stored or used at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, as, in this case, the magnetic properties of the bonding tapes will be lost. The aluminum frames must be protected against the access of moisture.

    Protect the modular construction from mechanical damage: do not drop, do not put without support, do not hit the frames on the ground, etc.

    Graphic panels must be packed printed side to side and magnetic side to magnetic side.

    Modular systems and accessories should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, free from accidental mechanical damage, in the packaging provided by the manufacturer.

    Clean your modular systems with a cloth and delicate cleaning agents for smooth surfaces. Do not use brush alcohol-based detergents. Our team, which will be present at the assembly and disassembly of the modular system, can give you the necessary recommendation and monitor their implementation, so that you can enjoy participating in the event and not worry about the safety of the rented commercial equipment.

    Modular stands for trade show for rent