Professional Exhibition Stand Builder: Design & Booth for Trade Shows

We offer ready-made and individual solutions for your participation in trade shows

We comprehensively solve all tasks related to your participation in a trade show. Our specialists are trusted to:

  • developing the concept of participation in a trade show or conference.
  • creating the custom booth design.
  • custom exhibition booth manufacturing.
  • modular exhibition systems.
  • conference elements building.
  • production of furniture for the project.
  • production of decor elements, including three-dimensional 3D models.
  • efficiently manage projects at exhibitions or conferences.
  • on-time logistics.
  • storage of your exhibition stand.
  • production of advertising elements and materials.
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We offer customized solutions for participation in exhibitions and other events. For this purpose, we provide custom exhibition stands designed for specific tasks with a unique design and filling.

We also support environmental initiatives and offer our customers the construction of exhibition stands using modern reusable modular systems. A modular stand emphasizes your commitment to the European initiative to reduce your carbon footprint.

The best exhibit at the expo

For those companies that regularly use in-house exhibition structures in their marketing, we develop a concept for participation in regular exhibitions using modular exhibition stands. Modular stands can be used repeatedly at various events. They are reusable structures that can be assembled and disassembled by your employees.

We have solutions for successful participation in a brand’s events for companies of all sizes, budgets, and objectives. 

Our comprehensive solutions include not just the design and build, but providing you with a full range of project management services and transportation for your participation in the trade fair. We take care of most of the work on the project. The whole organizational part, including communication with the exhibition organizers, falls on our shoulders. We are responsible exhibition stand contractor for your successful participation at an event.

Exhibition stands: find a solution from Expo Stand Builder 

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Quickly assemble the portable display counter and start trading


Use our display solution to promote advertising campaigns across the globe

Our best exhibition stands can be used for any purpose. We can build an exhibit stand of any size, height, or design. Our constructions look great and are effective at various exhibitions and places where you must demonstrate your products. Any promotional events and BTL promotions will be much more effective with our custom or collapsible systems.

Customers often turn to us to organize space for trade shows, presentations, or conferences. We also construct large, fully functional stages for meetings and other events.
Our exhibition stand designers and production also create comfortable spaces to showcase your services or products in the case of small spaces.

Wherever you need an equipped and decorated space to display or present your products or services, our team will arrange it for you in a short time.

Whether you choose a portable exhibition stand or a standard custom-made stand, we guarantee timely performance and precision work on the project. We are custom exhibition stand contractor for any issue. 



Amazing trade show booth design from the expo contractor

We offer exhibition stands in-house manufacturing for trade shows at optimal conditions. We have the best solution for your budget. You can discuss with us our manufacturing facilities to build your booth, or you can buy a set of modular stands from us.

Our company “ESBAU modular” provides exhibition management services for your participation in trade fairs. We create fantastic exhibition graphics, always meeting your order just in time.

We offer many exciting designs if you are looking for modular display systems.

Our team of professionals offers various variants of customer stand design. After that, we install and dismantle an exhibition system for you in the shortest possible time. Fast, reliable, and tested by years of work!

Tell us, if you plan to use exhibition stands for the next exhibition.  We propose you the best solution in this case.

Alternatively, you can order constructions for other marketing purposes.  Our production brings the most creative ideas to life.

You can rent led screen panels from us, so you don’t have to look for suppliers elsewhere.

Exhibition stand builders at 100%

Massive selection of ready-made stand designs or designs for the individual needs of the company

Exhibition boot design

Quick return on investment due to long-term operation for our modular constructions

High ROI

We quickly and on time perform all projects on stand construction and exhibition event management

Fast performance

For some businesses, we offer ready-made solutions for organizing and participating in profile events

Ready-made business solutions

We give a warranty on the execution of the project and a 10-year guarantee on modular systems when purchasing

10 Years Warranty

Opportunity to save money by renting display and modular systems

The best exhibition stand contractors

How we work on your booth building

You send us an application with the requirements for your exhibition stand or conference
After briefing, we develop the design of an exhibition stand or conference project
Assembling the project into a single system for the show with quality materials
Providing additional services if needed
We do after-sales service if you have bought a ready to go modular system

Creation of unforgettable exhibition design

The Project manager for the entire process

Registration of the deal

Exhibition stand construction

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Hire the best exhibition stand construction services

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How much will the booth cost?

Please tell us your project requirements, and we will reply in the next 30 minutes. Please specify the event date, its name, country, city, and the size of the area to be built up.

We build:

Custom exhibition stands
Modular stands
3D sculptures for promotions

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