Exhibition Modular Display Systems

Exhibition Modular Stands and Display Systems

We build modular exhibition stands and dismountable structures for trade

Modular exhibition stands are a solid solution when you need to reuse an exhibition structure at other trade shows

We build and sell modular exhibition stands and systems from the world’s leading manufacturers that you can use at all exhibitions. Our team offers a constructive solution you can maintain without additional costs if you choose a modular stand.

Ready-made modular stands and solutions for trade fairs are elements from which you or, with our support, can build a modular exhibition stand to suit your business purposes. It is as simple as putting together a tower of cubes!

All elements of modular exhibition stands are compatible. You can change them in any order and at your discretion. This allows you even more flexibility to use one modular system for your marketing needs. The payback on modular stands is easy to calculate. Every time you use a modular design, the cost of production goes down, and your revenue goes up. It is the best solution for those companies who know the value of money and plans to use an exhibition stand more than once.

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What a modular display system is

Modular display systems are a set of elements and fixtures designed to create a demonstration space. In other words, they are systems that can be assembled to meet your advertising needs.

Such modular exhibition systems support your marketing and your sales.

If you need to communicate with your audience or organize a promotional demonstration of products, you need space and additional tools to perform these tasks.

With modular display systems, you can organize such a space in a short time. As a result, sustainable modular exhibits and display booths are popular with marketers because they have several advantages.

We distribute different variants of modular display systems for all your business needs.


Choose your version of modular display systems

Important in modular display solutions

Pay attention to the important elements that allow you to buy our modular systems once and use them an infinite number of times, changing the design yourself

Aluminum frames

Robust and lightweight design, easily adaptable to your desired booth size

Additional elements

Choose the element you need for your booth. The new element will change the design of your booth

Various configurations

From one kit of modular displays, you can create dozens of different designs

Quick installation

It will take you no more than 3 hours to assemble a modular booth up to 15 square meters in size

Services to modular display systems

A modular exhibition stand is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle, even without specialist support. In addition, these systems are multifunctional, meaning you can use one for different needs.

Our modular exhibition stand kit organizes a variety of events. Since the system consists of special detachable blocks and fixtures, you can model the design and functionality of the modular exhibition stand that you need for today.

You can use modular booths wherever you need to install them. There are no special conditions to deploy a modular booth and start presenting your products quickly. See how easy it is to assemble our design by a fragile girl. 

Modular stands from our manufacturers are lightweight, multi-functional designs. Aluminum display cases, additional functional elements, and fixtures to create your modular stands are made from durable and modern materials that have quality certificates and have been tested by more than 2000 of our customers.

We are confident in the quality of our products. When you buy our modular display systems, you usually get a ten-year warranty on all aluminum constructions and 12 months warranty on prefabricated panels. You can easily change the modular booth design of the trade show display kit thanks to interchangeable magnetic graphic panels. Adding any element from the trade show kit to our constructions is easy. 



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Choose your design of stand's modular systems

Our designers have prepared more than 1,000 trade show booth layout templates for you for free. Over twenty years of modular stand manufacturing, we have created all kinds of different designs for trade show booths.

That’s why we have something to offer you, regardless of your advertising goals.

Our designers will help you decide on the design of the booth. If you have a ready design that you would like to implement in your display, then send it to us. Our engineers can calculate and tell you how much time it would take to make your custom booth and how much it would cost to make such a modular display system.

Check out the possible exhibition stand designs for your future modular stand. All exhibition booth designs from our designers are modern and stylish. Colors and decor elements create the impression of a unique modular frame, even on standard and identical constructions.

See how many exhibition stand designs are available after you purchase one of our trade show display kits.

What does the path for your product display solutions consist of

Choose your option for the modular show booth:

Displays Up To 15 sqm

You can build small stands with our modular system

3x3 Exhibition Stand

Choose the common size of a 3x3 modular booth for a trade show

Trade Show Booths To 50 sqm

Use our modular systems to build demonstration areas up to 50 sqm

Exhibition Stand Design 10x10

Use more practical designs and build a 10x10 displays

10x10 Displays

Choose solutions to collect large exhibition stands up to 5 meters high

Add items from our modular kits for commercial display stands:


Add some lightboxes to your product display solution and emphasize the right products.

Merchandise Display and Auto Podiums

Select the desired number of shelves for the chosen display solution and use it as a merchandise display.

Graphics Design

Graphic designs attract customers to the booth. Our designers will do everything to make customers come to you.

Promotional Counters

Order separately or assemble from the available panels in the package and negotiate. Choose your pop-up display.


To attract visitors to your stand, order additional multimedia at your booth. Ask our manager how to do it.

Choose to buy or rent the selected trade show booth kit:

Buy Trade Show Display

Our booth fabric offers not only turnkey solutions, but we also make custom booths and modular retail shelving. Choose your modular booth for sale.

Rent Modular Stand

We offer modular display systems for rent. If you have a limited budget and little time to organize the event - select display rental.

It’s easy to change a booth design with our booth display

Buy one set of modular display systems, and get more than 50 designed modular stands.

You can present a new design for your exhibition booth at every show. Replace the exhibition graphics and add new decoration elements. According to our instructions and catalogs, you can assemble a new kiosk quickly without tools. We have designed our modular display systems to make their assembly intuitive for anyone. Experience the diversity of your future stands from just one display kit!

Additional services you may need when purchasing modular exhibition systems

You can buy one of the show kits and use it for years at all your events or trade shows. We will quickly print the graphics for your event in addition. You will receive a discount on all future orders for exhibition graphics printing. Once you order your display kits, we will arrange logistics for your location.


Installation and dismantle of modular stands

If you are interested in a qualified team for installation of exhibition stands, we are ready to provide you with installation and dismantling services. But our clients mainly order this service if we build custom exhibition stands for them. In all other cases, all our modular exhibition systems can be assembled by our clients themselves without any special efforts.

Storing modular display systems

For clients who plan to use the exhibition stand at many events, but can’t store it, we offer storage services for your exhibition panels in our warehouses. To give you an idea of the dimensions, imagine that your exhibition display up to 50 square meters in size, unassembled, will take up no more space than a standard refrigerator. Would there be room in your warehouse for such a tiny thing? Surely not. And if not, then we will gladly take over the storage of your exhibit system.

Rental of modular stands or booth

Are you planning one-time participation in an exhibition or other event? Then you can rent modular stands for booths from us. The rental displays are more chipper than buying. If you are just trying your hand at an upcoming event, or if you are pressed for time in preparation for the event, renting a modular exhibition stand is the best solution. Just choose the size and tell us the city where you want to put it. We will quickly offer you a schedule for modular displays and send your stand in the shortest possible time.

Design of a modular exhibition booth

Changing the modular exhibition design in our modular stands is easy. You just contact our managers. Order and get it in the specified place. It takes 10 minutes to add a new element to your modular display systems. The new design of your exhibition stand is ready!
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The cost of modular display systems

Write your contacts, and we will contact you within 30 minutes about your project. Choose whether you prefer to buy a modular trade show booth or rent modular stands for booths.

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