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Modular Exhibition Stand for Your Event in Europe: Be Sustainable

We build modular exhibition stands and dismountable structures for trade

Modular exhibition stands are a reliable solution if you need to build an economical exhibition stand or reuse the exhibition structure at other exhibitions.

Modular stands usually differ from exclusive exhibition stands in terms of ease of assembly and limited choice of design. 

Modern modular systems allow to solve quite complex exhibition tasks. With some systems it is even possible to build a two-storey exhibition stand. When it comes to modular systems, people may imagine lightweight plastic booths that bend at the slightest touch. This is not the case. Modular booths are booths built from prefabricated aluminum parts that are specifically designed to withstand certain loads. Such systems are assembled like a child’s construction kit. Professional trade show systems like BeMatrix offer a huge number of different modifications and shapes. This allows you to build a variety of different design exhibition stands on the exhibition site, which are practically not inferior to expensive custom-made exhibition stands.

All elements of sectional stall are compatible. They can be changed in any order and at your discretion. This gives you great flexibility in using a modular system for your marketing needs, if you plan to buy such a system and use it yourself at your events.

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What a modular display system is

Modular display systems are a set of elements and fixtures designed to create a display space. In other words, they are systems that can be assembled to meet your promotional needs at an event.

These flexible display systems can be assembled by members of your team if you have technically savvy employees on staff.

With a component-based display stand, you can quickly organize a space to showcase your products. As a result, durable modular exhibits and displays are popular with marketers because they offer a number of benefits.

If you have a limited budget and a small exhibit that you are planning to build at a trade fair, using modular exhibits may be the best solution for you.

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Choose your version of modular display systems

Services we do add to modular display stands

The simple design of the modular stand makes it easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, even without the help of specialists. In addition, these systems are multifunctional, i.e. you can reconfigure them for the marketing needs of your business.

Our modular systems are designed and manufactured for multiple events. Since the system consists of special removable blocks and fasteners, it is possible to simulate the design and functionality of the structure you need today.

A range of portable exhibition stands can be used wherever you need to install them. There are no special conditions to deploy a modular booth and quickly start presenting your products. This is especially true if your events are not held in professional exhibition centers, but in hotels or conference halls. In addition, there are cost-effective modular systems for building structures outdoors. This is especially relevant for various events and festivals held in parks or outdoor areas.

Ordering a modular exhibition stand from us means:

  • We will select a functional, eye-catching stand design based on your budget
  • We will offer you a variety of stand finishes and decorations to customize it as much as possible
  • We install and dismantle the prefabricated booth
  • Offer additional services that your company will need during the exhibition
  • We provide graphic design service and printed graphic panels
  • We offer you exhibition furniture for rent
  • Customize the lighting of the stand
  •  Assist in solving organizational and logistical issues with the event organizer.

Sustainability with a portable exhibition stand

Modular booths are the most environmentally friendly. This is due to the fact that all elements of your stand are reused, which significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Aluminum frames

Prefabricated booths are based on aluminum structures. It is a strong and lightweight construction, easily adaptable to the desired stand size.

Exhibition stand accessories

In order for your exhibition space to attract the attention of business expo visitors, various value-added elements like printed graphics are added to the booth.

Various configurations

A range of portable exhibition displays can be created from a single set of modular displays. They can be self-build. If you have ordered a design service from our company, we can assemble a stand solution for you according to the design. 

Quick installation

A simple modular booth up to 15 square meters takes no more than 3 hours to assemble. The assembly of a modular structure is always faster than a customized exhibition stand.  Our customers save on paying for additional hours of installation by the show organizer.



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Choose your design of exhibition display stands

If you are planning to participate in an exhibition or other event and do not yet have an exhibition stand design, our design team can offer you ready-made or customized solutions. 

For those who plan to purchase modular panel sets for their own use at events, our designers have prepared more than 1000 templates of ready-made exhibition stand layouts which you can adapt to different events. Once you have purchased exhibition stand bundles, you can reconfigure your stand as you see fit. This is an optimal option for companies that participate in exhibitions more than 3 times a year.

So whatever your business objectives, we have something to offer you.

If you need to build exhibition stand urgently, our designers will help you decide on the booth design. If you have a display design that you would like to implement in your exhibit, send it to us. Our engineers will calculate and tell you how much it will cost to build a modular exhibit structure for this design, or if this design can only be realized by bespoke exhibition stand construction.

All of our booth designs are modern and stylish. We will be able to find solutions for any styles and sizes. Colors and decorative elements create an impression of bespoke stands, even on standard and identical constructions.

What does the path you to have a modular exhibition system?

It depends on your goals. Do you want to build a booth at a business expo or do you want to buy a ready-made modular in-house system? Send an e-mail and describe your needs.

Choose your option for the modular show booth:

Displays Up To 15 sqm

You can build small stands with our modular system

3x3 Exhibition Stand

Choose the common size of a 3x3 modular booth for an industry conference

Trade Fair Booth up to 50 sqm

Use our modular systems to build demonstration areas up to 50 sqm

Exhibition Stand Design 10x10

Use more practical designs and build a 10x10 displays

10x10 Displays

Choose solutions to collect large exhibition stands up to 5 meters high

Add items from our modular display kits for your exhibition stand:

Light boxes

Add some light boxes to your product display solution and emphasize the right products.

Merchandise Display and Auto Podiums

Select the desired number of shelves for the chosen display solution and use it as a merchandise display.

Graphics Design

Graphic designs attract customers to the booth. Our designers will do everything to make customers come to you.

Promotional Counters

Order separately or assemble from the available panels in the package and negotiate. Choose your pop-up display.


To attract visitors to your stand, order additional multimedia at your booth. Ask our manager how to do it.

Choose to buy or rent the selected trade show booth kit:

Buy Modular Display

Our booth fabric offers not only turnkey solutions, but we also make custom booths and modular retail shelving. Choose your modular booth for sale.

To Build Modular Stand

We are modular exhibition stand builder for exhibitions and industry conferences. If you have a limited budget and little time to organize the event - create a sectional stall with us.

What is a modular exhibition stand?

A modular exhibit stand is a versatile and reusable display solution designed for use at exhibitions, and various promotional events. These stands are constructed from prefabricated modules that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to create custom layouts tailored to different spaces and exhibit needs. The modular nature of these stands offers great flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for companies that participate in multiple events throughout the year.

Why modular?

  • By reusing the same modules for different events, businesses can save money on exhibition stand construction and materials over time.
  • The reusability of self-built modular stands contributes to waste reduction and environmental sustainability, aligning with eco-friendly business practices.
  • In-house design.
  • Suit different exhibition.
  • Simply twist and lock.
  • The ability to reconfigure layouts and designs allows companies to adapt their exhibition presence to specific audiences, messages, and products.
  • Customizable elements of sectional stalls, such as graphics and multimedia displays, offer excellent opportunities for effective branding and marketing.

How sustainable are your modular display stands?

Modular display stands are designed with sustainability in mind, offering several features that make them an eco-friendly choice for exhibitions and trade shows. The sustainability of these stands comes from their design, materials, the practices adopted by both manufacturers and users, and they are ease of build. 

How do you make your booth stand out?

We will offer you a variety of finishes and elements, with this we will achieve a bespoke exhibition stand design for your next event.

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